Matthew Bennett-Lovesey
About me

Contractor Full-stack Software Engineer with more than 10 years commercial experience. Predominantly working with Ruby on Rails, highly proficient at responsive front-end development, high-performance backend development and Linux systems administration. Agile practitioner, project leader, consultant, excellent communicator and perpetual learner.

Ruby Ethereum Smart Contracts Java PHP CakePHP C / C++ Go (lang) Rails Sinatra & Padrino Zend Framework CodeIgniter Javascript Backbone.js / Angular.js jQuery Design Coffeescript Postgres / MySQL / SQLite CSS / Sass / Less Node.js Nim Blockchain Git Agile / Scrum / Kanban / XP Cordova / Phonegap Android Python Elixir iPhone BDD Linux & OSX HTML / Haml / Slim Parallel React & React Native Distributed Devops Ansible & Terraform Machine Learning Responsive Espruino
Core competencies:
Some experience with:



Creative development services, on-site & remote contracting. Designing and developing dynamic web applications, large and small. Consultancy, training and project management.

Recent clients include:
  • Developer Mountain
    • Full stack
    • Ultra-high availability & security
    • NHS N3-hosted, Oracle DB migrated to Postgres
  • Medway Community Healthcare
    • CakePHP backend, web + on-device frontends
    • Software upgrades & support
  • Methods digital
    • Rails + Phonegap + Angular
    • Client facing
    • Bespoke CMS with legacy code
  • Bitsilk
    • Greenfield projects
    • Latest Ruby / Rails stack
    • Project lead & client management
    • High traffic legacy app (Rails 3)
    • Redesign and feature enhancement
    • SSL, go-live and support
  • Newmarket Scientific
    • Project management / Consultancy
    • Legacy app
    • Vagrant / Chef
  • Naked Element
    • Rails Consultancy
    • Python development
    • Devops
  • The App Business
    • High traffic API
    • Data processing pipeline
    • iOS / Android teams collaboration
    • Angular & API
    • Migration from PHP
  • Medical Research Council
    • High traffic
    • Legacy app (Rails 2/3)
    • Support


Award-winning web agency. Prototyping and building new web products, maintaining and rewriting old code, systems administration and project management, all while striving to beat the company directors at pool. Fast-paced startup environment which instilled an unusually high attention to detail.

Web solutions agency. PHP and Ruby development on proprietary Content Management System. Implemented a CMS in Ruby on Rails, guided the company towards cleaner code and other emerging industry best practices.

Frequently watch conference talks, read books, learn new languages, give local training and presentations on new technologies.
9-week course, from blockchain basics and development on eventually-consistent systems, to building a final project in Solidity for Ethereum.
5-year course inc. year in industry. Programming (mostly Java), Data Structures, Design patterns, Wearable Computing, Real-time Systems, Ethical Hacking. Dissertation: Built an IDE in Ruby on Rails.

Making music. Enjoy playing guitar, keyboard, bass guitar and drums - all self-taught. Learning the violin, whenever my schedule and neighbourly etiquette allows. Also enjoy some light electronics (mostly hooking things up to Espruino and Raspberry Pi)

Networking. Run and sponsor the Norwich Ruby User Group ( Attend and give presentations at Ipswich Ruby User Group. Active in local Sync Norwich and Norfolk Developers networking events, as well as contributing to Norfolk Tech Journal.

About you

You're looking for an expert software developer who can balance getting results with producing high quality code. I'm passionate about what I do, and motivated to see your business flourish as a result.

I'm primarily looking for remote or Norwich-based contract roles, and sometimes can consider on-site roles in London. If you are looking for a contractor, my on-site day rate (Norwich) is £550 + VAT. If you're looking for a full product development team, I may be able to help with that too. If I don't quite fit the bill, feel free to get in contact anyway (details at the bottom of this CV) and I'll try to help if I can.

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